Carina Williams is a creative mind, hailing from Hamburg, Germany, residing in NYC. By day she works as a Creative and by night she dreams up new adventures for her little family of 3. Her career started in the field of Graphic Design, crossed over into Front-End Development, and arrived at Motion Graphics while always exploring new tech such as AR. Destined to design, with a passion for motion graphics, she created this platform to share her work. In her free time she can be found planning her next global adventures, skating around in Brooklyn, jumping on a trampoline, or drawing futuristic race cars with her 6-year-old son.

Biggest inspiration: My son Takeo.

Proud of: Placing first in my age group in a longboard marathon around Governor’s island.

Favorite places visited: New Zealand & Australia.

Bucket list: Hiking in the Dolomites.


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