Carina Manuela Williams is a creative mind hailing from Hamburg, Germany. In 2020 she settled in Austin, TX, after a 16-year stint in NYC and has been stoked about her new home surrounded by nature. By day Carina works as a digital creative, and by night she dreams up new adventures for her little family of 3.

Rooted in the fine arts, her curiosity about the digital medium made her change her career path and led her to the field of graphic design and branding. From there the black hole of cyberspace inspired her to crossover into front-end development eventually arriving in motion graphics. During her professional career, she explored emerging technologies such as AR and AI applications, built UX/UI prototypes, created animations, and design + produced digital assets for 360 campaigns.

If not engaged in digital projects, you can find Carina playing ice-hockey, exploring the wild, or cracking geodes with her son.

While this site features only a few samples of her commercial work, feel free to inquire about specific work samples. 

Biggest inspiration: My son Proud of: Completing a longboard marathon around Governor’s island, NYC Favorite places visited: New Zealand & Australia Bucket list: Hiking in the Dolomites


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