Thoughts From The Daily

Being Broke While Working Hard

I am sure many living in NYC can sympathize with the title of this post and have counted their change from the change jar many times over, to see if it'll be enough for a return commute and a cup of Dunkin Donuts. Living by yourself is one thing. You can go on a starvation diet for a few days until your bi-monthly paycheck hits the bank and look better by the time the mulla arrives. You can then go ahead and go on to binge shop on Amazon to fill up all what's empty, do a pop in at Zara's or book a mini luxury trip, knowing that it will all be fine. Not so much when your family of one becomes a family of 3 (plus). It all changes once you add another human being into the mix that only you are solely responsible for.

Robot life in NYC

When I track back my path, it started with the strong desire to becoming a mother. All I cared about is finding the right guy to have a child with. The future? What's that? My mind couldn't process anything further than the next step to become pregnant as my child-bearing age advanced scarily beyond the the risk-free lines.

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